Bandit is amazing. I can’t express how much she means to this family! Every Sunday we go get donuts. She rides and gets a Starbucks pup cup. My husband and I were talking last night how we really do want another one in about a year! I hope you're still breeding by then. - Kayla

Absolutely loved our experience with DeeAnn! We bought Junie (Adelle) for my mom and she is in love with her! Fantastic temperament and very smart. Not to mention stinking cute! DeeAnn was wonderful about communication and keeping in touch with me as a buyer. She was willing to meet us half way from where we were coming from so the pick up was much more convenient. Junie is a happy and healthy pup we couldn’t be happier! - Maggie

To be honest with you I feel like I hit the jackpot.  He is such a good boy and I love him so much.  We go on at least 2-3 walks a day and he just brightens my day up like I could have never imagined - Cody

We had a wonderful experience working with DeeAnn. Adonis (now Bo) has been a wonderful addition to our family and I would recommend Doodles of Colorado in a heartbeat. - Christine

That's a leaf on my bum, not poo.  Just so you know...

Bria is doing great ! Very sweet & smart ! She absolutely loves the snow!

She is a joy ! All good at the vet !  - Jim & Tracy.

Hi Mrs. Harrington. We decided on Rory for puppy’s new name. We took her to the vet yesterday and she checked out perfectly. She is doing just great. We love her spirit! - Will

We are so thankful DeeAnn shared some personality traits of Aramis (now Murphy).
He is an adorable, healthy, smart little guy! We appreciate picking him up 1/2 way between Montrose and Denver! - Jennifer

Our experience with DeeAnn and Doodles of Colorado was very professional, she was very responsive and provided updates about our puppy throughout our experience. She also provided a great take home package on what to do with feeding, etc. and what had already been taken care of with the vet--the vet we took him to was even impressed with the amount of information we had! Scout (formerly Ajax) has been such a joy to have as part of our young and growing family. He's super smart, adventurous, loving, and easy to train--that's partly due to the breed as well as due to the excellent care he got with Doodles of Colorado before coming to our family. Thanks for such a great experience DeeAnn! - Kierstie

We are the proud puppy parents of Paddy (Atlas). We could not have wished for a better dog. He is everything we hoped for and more. He is mellow, sweet and a wonderful addition to our family. Our vet agrees that he is super healthy and well bred. DeeAnn was wonderful to work with and truly loves her puppies. He arrived already knowing how to sit and is highly teachable. He has been with us for two weeks and already knows how to use the doggie door, sleeps through the night, is doing great on the leash and loves his crate. Thank you DeeAnn for helping make our family complete. I would recommend a dog from Doodles of Colorado without hesitation

- Lorna


What an amazing experience! DeeAnn is so great and we could not be more in love with our sweet doodle!! Thank you for everything and being so great ❤️ Thor was in the last litter, and I am so thankful to have him as an addition to my family. What a sweet puppy! I appreciate everything from Doodles of Colorado.  I couldn’t have asked for a better place to consider getting a new addition from. I am so pleased with the whole process. You're great!
Thank you so much!! - Ashley

Boaz is doing great! He is one smart puppy. He loves playing in the water and is doing great on a leash. He is so much fun and has become one loved, spoiled dog. Multiple people in our lives have since brought puppies into their homes trying to replicate what he has done in ours. Everywhere we go people want to love on him.  We often get asked where we got such an awesome, lovable, mild tempered dog. - Levi


Willie is doing great! He weighed in at 16lbs the other day at the vet! He is going to be a big boy!!! But he is doing so well. Settling in just perfectly and is an amazing companion. We’ve spent most of the past two weeks together, but he doesn’t mind in the slightest when he has to hang in the crate and loves crawling in there to sleep!  He is such a lover and enjoys nothing more than meeting new dogs and people. He is a bit of a celebrity in the neighborhood already! Thanks for such a wonderful creature!! - Calley

Cooper (Chaos) is doing great! He has his second check up tomorrow and probably is around 20lbs. He has become best friends with our friend’s 16 week old pup who lives 3 doors down. He is great at playing fetch and loves his tennis ball the most. - Katie 


Hi there!  Olly is amazing! He has had ZERO accidents inside and is learning his name brilliantly. He is happy and full of fun. He's very sensitive to the heat, past few days have been unusually hot. I tried to get him to come with me on a little walk midday yesterday and he wouldn't leave our nice cool yard. He perks right up as soon as evening arrives though. He loves the kids and is such a treat with his thoughtful and funny disposition. - Sarah


They are doing great! Baby Ruth is a talker and she gets Boaz going. They both snuggle and already don’t like being apart. It’s fun to see the things she is excelling at over Boaz when he was a puppy and what she struggles with in comparison. We wanted Boaz to have a friend and he couldn’t be happier! We are so happy with Baby Ruth thank you so much for everything. - Levi 


Bijou got stellar marks at her vet visit today.  She is doing so well.  Such a watcher, just like you said.  When we go on walks, she’ll sit and listen if she hears a strange noise or look if she sees a stranger or strange dog.  She’s been wonderful with visitors and snuggles with us — she loves the couch! - Jennifer  

IMG_1344[5004] (2).jpg

Cooper (Cajun) had his puppy check up today and passed with flying colors! The vet said he seems very healthy and happy. They were very impressed with the thoroughness of the paperwork you provided for us. Everyone absolutely adores his sweet personality and his beautiful markings. Thank you so much for such an amazing pup!! - Mandy

We welcomed Jonny (Dantez) home today and June and him get along wonderfully! Jonny is a recent pup from Candy’s last litter and Junie was a pup from her first!! We couldn’t be happier. We love them both so much! Forever Jonny and June🐶🐶 - Maggie


DeeAnn is an AMAZING breeder. She so clearly loves her dogs and every single puppy, and is so responsive to questions and anxieties from new puppy families. We love our new puppy Endora, now Lola. She’s been home a week, and is smart, spunky, and totally attached to us. She is a dream dog!!! Doodles of Colorado has a great house just for the puppies, and a big, fabulous play yard full of stimulating activities for them. DeeAnn will work with you to find the perfect puppy match for you. The puppies are given top notch love and vet care from the minute they arrive. We were lucky to spend time with the parent dogs as well, and they are wonderful. You won’t find a better or more caring breeder. - Quentin


Not to brag but Dixie is so bright. I just took her on a good walk and she was so good on her leash. Plus only two small accidents in the house. She sits and is learning to lay down. We love our Dixie Doodle and we love our breeder.  From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for putting your entire heart and soul into our litter and specifically Dixie.  What you do makes a difference and we appreciate it. - Nancy & Jim


Our ladies are doing simply amazing.  Just wanted to share with you how beautiful of puppies your breeding resulted in!  They are truly great puppies with fun and unique personalities.  They are undoubtedly the love of our life! - Cody


Clover is Loved by many , many people.  I don’t want to leave him alone all day so he either goes to work with me or to my moms OR the dog groomers house.  He loves his Kennel, rings a bell to go out, been house trained forever, sits, knows down, stay, Place (which is his pallet in the kitchen), fetch, drop, he’s pretty good on the leash,  he knows he gets to get in our bed in the am so we let him out to potty then he rushes in for snuggle time.  He IS Perfect!!!  He now weighs 31 lbs as of today.  - Shanna

First Grooming[2358].jpg

Baxter is such a sweet, warm, and loving pup.  We just adore him and he truly has made our lives more complete.  We have been working on all sorts of training with him and he catches on so quickly!  William taught him to "shake" and "high-five" in about 10 minutes:)  


Baxter is about 25lbs now and just had his first grooming this week--see his handsome picture attached:)  He has been to doggie daycare twice and absolutely loves to play with the other pups.  Playing with his older sister, Edie, is one of his favorite activities!!  They went swimming last week together and had so much fun.  Baxter is not a huge fan of the heat (not that any of us are!), so anything involving water is a big hit with him.


Thank you again for all of your love and care for the puppies.  Baxter is absolutely the perfect pup for our family.  -  Tracii