Moyen poodle stud

Alpine's Majestic Splender 

aka "Logan"


Logan is a rare Red Sable Moyen (medium) poodle with a perfect laid back attitude. He is a complete gentleman and passes on his wonderful traits to his pups.  He has produced both black tricolor and beautiful sable tricolor puppies.


He is available for stud to approved breeders.  HOWEVER, I do not ship semen, insemination must be done in Montrose, Colorado.

AKC and CKC Registered Moyen Poodle

45 lbs.

OFA: Hips:Normal/Good

OFA: Elbows/Normal






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40 lbs

OFA - Hips good, elbows negative for dysplasia

VWF - clear

DM - clear

GM2 - clear

PRCD - clear

Osteochondrodysplasia - clear

Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures - clear

Golden Mountain Malibu


Malibu is a Golden Mountain Doodle (50% Goldendoodle and 50% Bernedoodle). Candy is her mother and Sir Winston is her sire.  She has passed all of her DNA and health testing.  She has a very sweet and laid back disposition, is a little shy with strangers, and has a strong desire to be near me and to please me which has made training fairly easy.   She is exactly what I was hoping for as a Golden Mountain Doodle.





AbcDees Colorado Candycane

aka "Candy"   RETIRED

Candy is a CKC registered, F1 Goldendoodle.  Her father is an English Cream retriever with champion blood lines.  Her mother is an apricot standard poodle.  She is incredibly smart and sweet, a little bit goofy, and was an excellent mama.  She is now loving life as a pampered family member.

CKC registered Goldendoodle

60 lbs.


Golden Mountain Sweetheart
Future Momma

Cora is half Goldendoodle and half Bernedoodle, making her an F2 Golden Mountain Doodle.  She has a loving and enthusiastic personality, combined with unreal athletic ability and intelligence.  She is a bit of a clown and keeps us laughing.  Her DNA testing is cleared by parentage.  Her OFA testing is pending.

20191126_072647 (4).jpg

Colorado's Chula

Chula was Malibu's full sister, a Golden Mountain Doodle.    Chula was also very sweet and mellow.  She liked to talk and was more outgoing, yet a little more timid in new situations.  Very smart and athletic.  Tragically, we lost her shortly after she had her first litter due to a foreign object that had lodged in her stomach and caused a rupture.  Her loss has been devastating and we miss her very much.