One year updates


Bo has been very healthy. There have been no issues at all.  He has fit into our family perfectly.  He has the most mellow temperament of a puppy I have ever seen.  While he is an active dog, he is just so chilled out with everyone.  People can’t believe he is a puppy.  He doesn’t bark, doesn’t jump on people, he just chills.  He is so gentle with everyone, especially the kids.  I’ve brought him out to Kansas a couple of times this year and he loves being on the farm and running around with the other dogs out there.  Whenever Christine and the kids are busy and out of the house Bo comes to the office with me.  The few times we’ve left town for holidays Bo has stayed with friends and they have all reported how awesome he is.  Potty training with him was really easy, I think we had maybe a handful of accidents the first month we had him. I want to say he weighs 55-60lbs.  We’ve had him groomed three times so far.  His coat is still so soft.  No shedding at all. - Parker, CO


Everything has been wonderful :) I love him so so much!! He is the happiest most loveable dog I have ever been around. He is about 55 pounds. His coloring has not changed too much.  He sheds but nothing crazy. - Denver, CO 


Junie is doing great!! She is just as happy and healthy as can be!! She weighs 53lbs and is a really pretty off white color with the exception of her ears and muzzle. She’s such a love bug. We just moved and she’s adjusting very well to the new location. She loves playing with the neighborhood pups! - Colorado Springs, CO


We are looking forward to celebrating Scout's birthday--can't believe he'll be one and it's hard to believe we've had him less than a year since he's become such a big part of our lives! He is strong and healthy and very active. He weighs about 50lbs. His coloring hasn't changed since he was a puppy--he's still black and white, but just has gotten more black spots since he was little--he's definitely a particoat. His hair doesn't shed much when we've kept it short, but when it grows longer it sheds more easily--nothing like most dogs though. He loves playing fetch, going for hikes, going for runs, and chewing bones!  He's a great dog and we love him so much! - Colorado Springs, CO 


Paddy is wonderful! He is not as black as he was when he was a puppy but his coloring is beautiful. We love that he has such a fluffy tail! He weighs 70 lbs.  He certainly is a big boy.  We plan to have him fixed sometime in the next few months.  He does shed quite a lot but not as much as some of the breeds we have had in the past. - Parker, CO  


Bria is great! She is super sweet& cuddly still! Very curious about everything & not afraid of vacuum/fireworks , she is fairly chill!  Loves to pick on Bart, she thinks she is “tough”, she holds her own & he lets her do anything to him! They are great together & still lay together!  Great buds!

       They play frisbee & working on the ball. She has had some abx from some diarrhea, got into something &  loves to eat any poop, elk, deer, dog, so having to pick it up, hope she grows out of it?  Had kept same food, but changed her to adult now.

       She is still chocolate & cream but the chocolate has lightened some, but head still darker & eyes light brown. She really doesn’t shed at all, but curly, esp around neck. 

 We love her so! - Evergreen, CO


Rory is doing great! Maybe about 50 pounds? She’s still black but when we get her hair cut you can see the grey/ blue coming in.  We love her so much! 


Thanks for such a great dog. - Northpoint, AL


Murphy is GREAT!! 

He weighs 55-58 pounds and is such a cutie!! 

We initially worked with our vet to get him on food that his system could handle best without diarrhea. He has been on Natural Balance - Dick Van Patton brand DUCK AND POTATO for 7 months now and is doing great. 

He sheds about 1 white hair a week..... 😊

We were out of town last week for Ian’s fall break. Murphy enjoyed 2 other dogs and lots of playing! - Parker, CO 

Image-9[5435] (2).png

Boaz is great! No health problems or behavioral concerns. He is a very smart puppy. He learns very quickly and loves his daily walks. He is currently 65lbs. We love our Golden doodle and are waiting for your next litter in hopes to get him a friend at home. Everywhere we take him people know him and can’t wait to pet him. Such a family dog and your assessment of him as a puppy being a lover and a snuggle pup was spot on. He does shed a little and it doesn’t help that he has a lions cut but he is just so cute with it. Our puppy buying experience through you was great, Dee. So much so that although I have considered finding another puppy elsewhere it’s hard to believe that we will get that same level of care and for that reason we will keep waiting for the right litter. Speaking of that I understand Candy is expecting to have another litter of F1bs in June. Have you started accepting deposits yet? - Brighton, CO 


 Thor is the best pup ever! Bella and Thor are the cutest and best of friends. You have been so amazing. Thank you for the addition our family definitely needed. He is such a sweet loving fun dog to have around. Can’t believe it’s already almost been a year that we have had Thor. No concerns. His color has stayed the same. His tail tends to get white every once in awhile. Such a sweet behavior and always willing to learn.

 Thank you! - Montrose, CO

IMG_2709[5453] (2).jpeg

Oh what do I say about Georgie?! He is quite the handful but so darn sweet. He loves snuggles, and doesn’t mind letting us know when he’s ready to be loved on with a swipe of his paw. He is so playful with both the kids and our golden, Lansbury. We love taking him to the park where Lansbury chases the ball and he just chases Lansbury. 😂 No shedding which is awesome. He is a barker, so we are working on that.  He has been a great addition to the family! - Fruita, CO


Livi has been great. As far as health, she had the umbilical hernia and she has food allergies. The primary allergy that is pretty significant is to anything containing chicken. But, we stay away from the grains as well. So she gets fancy dog food and treats. As far as behavioral the only issue is chewing. She will chew and eat anything. We had a hefty vet bill after she ate the outside of a tennis ball. She doesn’t shed, she has been the same color, and she is such a sweet girl. My dog walkers and sitters adore her. She loves to snuggle and she loves other dogs. Her best friend is a male boxer. It’s crazy to see their bond.  Thanks! -

Highlands Ranch, CO

bliss - pic4 (2)[5500].jpg

As you might know, we kept her name.  Bliss has been such a blessing to our family.  She has a wonderful temperament and is very playful,  She loves to search for bunnies, squirrels and birds.  Almost every morning, she picks something (mostly a sock), puts it in her mouth, stares at us, and wants us to chase her around the house for us to take it away.  We take Bliss on a lot of walks and some hikes.  She is a fantastic companion.  Bliss is super bright and understands lots of words.  She does shed quite a bit and we believe that she is allergic to chicken.  Thankfully, there are so many other foods we can choose from.  We love her, and we are so thankful she is a part of our family. - Littleton, CO


Willie (we have taken to calling him Wild Bill and it suits him…) is the best thing that has ever happened to me!  He is such an awesome animal and everyone that meets him loves him.  We live on a pretty busy street downtown and I have taken to working outside while he hangs in the yard.  He has made so many dog and people friends, it cracks me up.  Some mornings we will wake up and there will be a new toy or squeaky ball in the yard and someone will walk by later and say ‘did you see what I left for Willie?!’ He is well loved.  The other day, these two gangster looking guys walked by and LOST THEIR MINDS.  They were like ‘he has gotten so big, we remember when he was just a puppy.’ 


He is the light of my parent’s life as well.  My dad and him are best buds.  My company has sent me back to night school, so two days a week my Dad hangs with him in the evenings.  They go to the dog park and then stop for ice cream occasionally. He talks about him non-stop and sends me messages in the middle of the day just asking what Willie is up to. It warms my heart.  Once I am done with night school (Nov 12!!), we are going to start training to be a hospital therapy dog.  He has so much empathy and loves nothing more than to snuggle (well, maybe to play ball, but they are closely tied!).


Willie is just the best dog I could’ve ever asked for.  When do you think you will be breeding his sisters?  I would love to get on the list for one of Willie’s nieces or nephews for my Dad!


Thank you again! I am so grateful to you for this creature! - Denver, CO


Csoki is a sweet boy, we love him a lot. Extremely playful, unfortunately ruined 2-3 of our pulis hair so we are working with him on that. He is around 50 lbs but really short. We hoped that he would be taller than this.

He is not shedding!

Thank you.  - Telluride, CO


Cooper is doing great and we love him to pieces! No issues so far. He is around 55-60lbs but is very dense for his size. He got more of the Bernese body type and is a little shorter and thicker build. He also has big waves in his hair and sheds quite a bit. I’m sure he would shed less if he had curlier hair but we knew that when we picked him! He has the absolute sweetest personality. He is a complete cuddle bug and loves to be right where we are. Coop is really gentle with kiddos and the perfect family dog. He loves peanut butter and is obsessed with chasing balls. He likes his other toys but loves, loves, loves balls.

- Glendale, AZ 



We are so excited to celebrate Cooper’s first birthday!! He truly is the best thing that ever happened to our family. Cooper is weighing around 57lbs, and sheds very minimally. We like to keep his hair long and fluffy because it’s so soft and huggable. Everyone that meets him thinks he is like a giant teddy bear! He has the sweetest disposition because he loves to play but also loves to snuggle. We have gotten endless compliments on his color/markings and his friendly personality. As a breeder you went above and beyond our expectations. Our veterinarian was impressed with Cooper’s health and the thorough paperwork you supplied. We have recommended you to anyone who is looking for an amazing new family member! Thank you for everything!

- Westminster, CO


I can't believe Cooper is almost one! He is such a goofy, loving boy :) He does not shed since he has the curly coat like Chula, but he does have a sensitive stomach that requires him to be on prescription food. They said he had fiber responsive colitis. He weighs 60 pounds as of yesterday and he looks like a different dog when he has a short vs long coat. He LOVES the snow and I've attached a picture to prove it! I hope all is well with you. I love seeing the updates on Facebook :)    

- Denver, CO



We’ve experienced no behavioral issues, Bishop’s still a seeker of cuddling and affection. He does shed in little puffy clouds (lol) but we’ve come up with a grooming schedule to minimize. Our pickup and home transition was absolutely seamless and we just are so happy to have a pup who adores the kids, our little Pom and strangers!  -  Castle Rock, CO


As you know, Olly is doing great, he is such a character, and he's very bright.  I've told you about his personality, which we still very much believe that he is a dog who would have been the leader of the pack if he were in a pack.   Our one behavior challenge is his skill at recall outside among distractions.  He is fantastic here at home and sits, stays, is an all around perfect pup.  He is also doing great on the leash - not perfect 100% of the time, but we walk him every day for almost an hour if not twice a day, and his heeling skills are mostly great.    

Shedding is no problem.  You totally empowered us to take cutting him into our own hands, which was excellent advice - just about everyone I know takes their doodle to the groomer.  I think you might include that in your puppy packet for suggestions, along with debunking the myth that you should wait to cut them until they're 1.  We keep him pretty short - he's happier that way, what shedding there had been is totally gone - in the summer it's necessary to keep him from overheating, less dust and burrs in the house, etc.  

As far as transitioning from you to here, it was great and I felt like I could contact you with any questions. 

He's so cute that at this point I have more pictures of him than my own children!  We love him so much.   -  Woody Creek, CO


Archie is doing great. He weighs 75 lbs. now. He’s so much fun! We’ve been having fun training him. His coloring - especially on his back - has faded some. He doesn’t get carsick anymore on long trips. He got to go camping for the first time and did great!  -  Lubbock, TX


Dixie is doing well. Can’t believe she is 1 today! Happy Birthday to our babies.  -  Parker, CO


Ruthie is sassy, loving, smart, jealous and loyal.  She still comes up with ways to get more food and she pulls shoes out of shoe boxes to chew.  She is one smart pup.  She LOVES her snuggles, belly rubs.  She is never far from her brother, Boaz.  She most often will be found lying or sitting on top of him!!!  Boaz is a good sport about it, he just lets her.  He equally loves her, jumping and barking at her defense if she gets in trouble.  It is so sweet.  They are best of friends and we are so glad we got Ruthie for Boaz AND for us.

Boaz is doing well, too.  He really is a gentle giant.  

Boaz is 65 lbs, Ruthie is 47 lbs. - Brighton, CO


Sirius is a perfect example of your care, love and breeding!!!  He is just a sweetheart and everyday I fall more in love...I feel so blessed!!! - Denver


We are so happy that Fergus joined our family last year. I can’t believe he is almost one!

Fergus has been healthy, other than a few ear infections. He is a big boy, at almost 50 pounds. Fergus is affectionate, smart, energetic and loves to boss around his big brother Joey, a doodle mix.  He’s friendly with neighborhood dogs and at the dog park. 


Fergus loves to play outside as much as he loves to get on the couch, especially if we just got up for a minute. He always wants to be with his people, and especially loves to play with my kids. He’s learning not to bark at everyone who walks by our house. 


Fergus is all black and white now. He lost the markings on his face. He is quite curly and we have to brush him a lot or he gets matted. We try to keep his hair fairly short to keep it under control, but he does not shed much. Also, he does not drool, which is a plus.  - Denver 


Buckley (formerly Quinn) has been an absolutely wonderful addition to our family! There has been no health or behavioral issues. He is extremely smart and food-motivated, which made training him a seamless process over the past year. He is playful, sweet and calm (most people can't believe that he is only 1 years old!). He is between 40-45 lbs and his coloring has stayed mostly the same except some minor fading - we love the little spots on his arms and belly. I attached an old photo for reference! He only sheds slightly more than a typical non-shedding dog but it is very manageable and most of the time driven by sensitive skin / itching. 


You did a wonderful job organizing the puppy picking process and transition to our home.  We did not have the opportunity to meet the puppies due to COVID, but you did an incredible job to guide us to the right selection and we could not be happier with our decision.  - Denver


Emmit is “Emmett” from your E litter. He is a riot!  He loves to run in the snow and loves to chew everything!  His health is good and we had him neutered at 9 mos as he was trying to be more dominate with our youngest son and our other dog. He is now very gentle with our son and they love to wrestle. He loves to be outside or next to me. He will climb on the couch or bed when invited and will lay on his back for a belly rub. He loves to snuggle and I think about that when I asked to do a Zoom call when picking our puppy. We are so happy with him!  His color has changed to being mostly cream. He still has a little brown behind his ears and occasionally you can see his brown spots on his back, but his is mostly cream. He doesn’t shed either which is what I was hoping for. Really he is exactly the dog and personality we wanted!  The only thing that my husband teases me about is that he is much bigger than we anticipated. He is probably close to 50 lbs which isn’t bad. Our other dog is 35 lbs so he is just a lot bigger. - Colorado Springs


Lady Edith is the best puppy we’ve ever had! From the day she came home, she literally already pawed at the back door to go to the bathroom. She is smart, goofy, so lovable and independent. Hiking, being outside, going to the dog park, and catching a frisbee are her favorite things to do. She has been super healthy, and only visited the vet when she needed her shots and check ups. She brings so much joy to our family and she literally smiles at us (it’s the weirdest/cutest thing ever - Colorado Springs


Beau is such a wonderful dog.  He is very smart, learns quickly and super friendly.  He came to me pretty much potty trained and I can’t say enough about that!  I don’t know what you do but it is WONDERFUL!!   

He drops little puffs of hair but coming from a home with shedders -- he doesn’t shed.  It’s glorious!  His colors did change but I expected that.  You have the best pups!  I hope to have another some day when the timing is right.  He is delightful, is my buddy and I can’t imagine not having him with me all the time.  He always gets attention from both people and dogs -- you can take him anywhere and he fits right in.  He loves toys -- the squeakier the better, enjoys bully sticks and is treat driven!  He is very healthy and has settled in around 50ish pounds.  I expect that he will start to fill out now.  I have had many many dogs in my life.  He has been a complete joy -- such an easy puppy to raise.  Kudos to you and your husband! - Denver


Mango is perfect - so chill, attached/loyal, funny, playful but so not hyper, smart, excellent with all dogs, so mothering to puppies we host.

Whoever is doing the dishes, she keeps their feet warm by placing her entire body over both feet!

She is a terrific traveler, great eater, great on off leash trails.

Not so good at catching but is a good goalie!

LOVES snow and water. Will enjoy summer more now that she has shorter hair!


She has developed a habit - reinforced by us - to paw us when petting stops -- we have developed strong hands/arms -- LOL! Could be worse!


We LOVE her!!!! - Boulder, CO

IMG_2082[1948] (2).jpeg

Working with you was such a meaningful, wonderful experience, and Lola has been an absolute joy. She is such a beautiful dog in every way: smart, happy, funny, affectionate, and she is absolutely the center of the family. She is very social, and loves playing with other dogs in the neighborhood. She is easy to train, although she can be a little sassy and has an independent streak (which is why we chose her, after all—she fits in with the family!), and she loves learning new tricks—they keep her intelligent mind busy. She can skateboard, go down a slide, roll over, and lots more. She especially loves playing fetch. I take a backpack of toys to our local park, and Lola digs around in the backpack to choose whatever she wants to fetch next. She also loves to play soccer and run from human to human to steal the ball from us. We’re just starting to learn to catch the frisbee together--we’re waiting a few more months for her growth plates to close before we work too much on jumping. So far, her coloring has held steady; people stop us all the time to complement her on how beautiful she is and how unusual her eyes are. She does not shed at all and has a poodle-like coat and weighs 42 pounds. She is a very special girl! - Aurora, CO


Leo has been great! He is so playful he likes being chased or chasing you, he loves fetching his ball and snuggling. He has very minimal shedding and no health issues except for a slightly sensitive stomach. - Englewood, CO


Emmitt is a wonderful sweet addition to our family. He is sassy at times, mostly when he wants us to play with him, so we can't really blame him. He steals everyone's socks and all the stuffies! He is also super smart and aware, concerned when someone is upset, and loves his Mommy (he knows I'm the boss ;). He was easy to train and had less than 5 accidents in the house, I thought it would be much harder than that. We love his mostly mellow nature and we have trained him to give us hugs! 


He has had no health issues that I can think of. He hacks a bit which was scary at first but now I know it's just him. He barks pretty loud when he wants to play but once we figured out what he wanted it was not a big deal. I was not prepared for his coat, it is super thick, the groomer said maybe one of the thickest coats she has seen! His coat also lightened significantly. We are super thankful we found you! - Westminster, CO


Abe has been such a great addition to our family! He is independent while playful, loving, and goofy at the same time, just as you represented his personality. Behaviorally, with the doggie door we have, he took right to bathroom training and very limited issues at the beginning. He did not take very well to crate training but we worked through that and he quickly had the temperament and good behavior to be let to roam around the house. He is approximately 50 lbs and that is right on the weight range you provided. No coloring changes or issues with shedding - he does not shed at all. - Arvada, CO


We had a great experience with DeeAnn and getting our puppy. She was very response and made the process stress free. I loved seeing all the pictures, videos and updates on the FB page. Fergus is a very happy and healthy dog. He is so full of personality and very intelligent. He is amazing with our children and is very loyal and loving. He is the biggest goof ball and keeps us laughing every day. - Carbondale, CO 


She gets so many compliments for being cute, well behaved and the perfect size. She loves playing with toys, being outside, hanging with other dogs and people, and carrying sticks. I have given your name to many people as I am constantly asked who my breeder is. You have been incredibly easy to work with and it is so clear that you deeply care about your litters even when they leave your care. I am so glad to have Avanti in my life and I like to think she loves me as much as I love her.  - Denver, CO


We had a fun time celebrating Edie’s first birthday! She is our little sweetheart and she has completed our family! She loves to cuddle, take walks, hike, swim, play with her human brothers and her dog sister Stella. Stella loves her too. They are great friends. 
She never sheds. Her hair is much lighter now. Her body is almost entirely white. Only her ears are brown. When we go places people always want to pet her because she is so fluffy and soft. Recently we cut her hair short though because when she gets wet her hair knots. - Grand Junction, CO 


We had a wonderful birthday celebration this morning with Cliff full of new toys and treats.  He is such a lover and we could not be more grateful to have his happy, loving, boisterous self in our lives.  Cliff continues to get a clean bill of health and he has taken to training.  He is a quick learner and wants to please.  He is a bit of a barker but we are working with him.  His coloring is beautiful and he continues to have his mustache and apricot coloring.  He is almost 70lbs, a bit bigger than expected, but we love every pound of him.  We cannot thank you enough for bringing Cliff into our lives.  We love him dearly. - Denver, CO


Stevie is doing great! She’s a happy very loving and smart pup! Full of energy and play but follows commands well and loves to please. She’s a lot smaller than expected, she appears to have stopped growing at around 6 months or so, from her pup weight at 9 weeks the vet predicted she would be 50-54 lbs but she’s still only 37 lbs. The vet has checked her out and she’s perfectly healthy and just puts it down to genetics as she eats well loves her food!!! - Longmont, CO