I am not a professional breeder and do not rely on dog breeding for my sole support.  I am doing this because I love breeding animals - love researching, planning, and the excitement of finally seeing what those efforts have produced.  (I used to breed horses, but it wasn't cost effective because I fell in love with each baby and never sold any of them, despite many profitable offers!)  I love whelping, raising, and sending puppies off to people who are very excited to have them. This is my way of spreading love, because not much is better than the love of a great dog.  My philosophy is that no dog should ever wind up in a shelter, so I do promise lifetime support for my puppies.  I have also used my resources to help rehome dogs that I have no connection to, because no dog should wind up in a shelter! 

I only produce a litter or two a year because I never have more than two breeding females at a time.  Plus I want to keep my operation small and personalized.  I do whelp and raise my puppies in our puppy house, a separate building that is heated, insulated, and cleaned at least twice a day.  I actually sleep in this building the first two weeks of the puppies' lives and spend much of my time in there while the puppies grow.  


I hope that all of my potential clients will be honest with me about what they are looking for and why.  It helps me, but it also helps you by getting you the most appropriate puppy.  I do, however, reserve the right to refuse to sell any of my puppies to any person who I feel is being dishonest or would not adequately care for them.  I do my best to provide a very personalized service to my people but be forewarned that MY PUPPIES COME FIRST.   

The Little House