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                My goal is to provide the best pet possible for your family. 

I have fallen in love with poodles and doodles because of their intelligence, loving nature, ease of training and low shedding**.  At Doodles Of Colorado our mommy and daddy dogs were chosen for their mellow and sweet temperaments, are health tested, and given regular veterinary care.  They have been obedience trained and completely socialized.  They are our beloved family pets along with our two rescue dogs Indigo and Sunshine. 

I am quite invested in the health of your pet.  I spare no expense in trying to provide you with a pet that will be as healthy, happy, and well adjusted as possible.    

It's very important to me that all of my puppies go to great homes, people who will love them and care for them the rest of their lives.  I provide lifetime support because no dog should wind up in a shelter.  I love each and every puppy and hope that all of my puppies' families will stay in touch.

For day to day activities, check out my Doodles of Colorado Facebook page!

**I have to make a note about shedding in doodles.  The term non-shedding is misleading.  Everything that has hair sheds, even humans.  When you cross a low-shedding poodle with a breed that sheds there are no guarantees that the resulting puppies will all be low-shedding.  Even in F1b's, which are 3/4 poodle, each individual puppy will pick up genes from both parents and because at least one of the parents carries shedding genes it is possible for puppies to pick up those genes and look more like a golden retriever, for example, than a doodle.  It is a bit of a grab bag and there are no guarantees.  Also, puppy hair does not always predict adult hair.

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